Park Commission Listing Landmark Trees

Residents May Nominate Trees

Following the adoption of the Natural Resources Conservation Ordinance, the Village of Fontana Park Commission compiled a list of Landmark Trees.

The Natural Resources Conservation Ordinance supports and encourages the preservation of Fontana trees in a variety of ways. One of them is the provision to create the designation of “Landmark Tree.” It states that “a Landmark Tree shall mean any tree so designated by the Park Commission or the Tree Board for its natural beauty, majestic stature, historical significance, location, memorial designation or other qualities deemed appropriate.” These trees have a measure of extra protection under the tree ordinance.

The Park Commission is developing a list of such trees in the Village. It will include Memorial Trees planted in many of the village parks. Also listed will be the three “Champion Trees” designated by the Wisconsin DNR: a Black Walnut in Buena Vista Club, a Black Walnut located at North Lakeshore Drive and North Lower Gardens Road, and a Copper Beech located at 519 S. Lakeshore Drive.

The commission is seeking the assistance of residents in this effort. Landmark Tree Nomination Forms can be obtained at Village Hall.


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