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Accurate Appraisal will hold appointments via telephone during scheduled office hours and for open book. To set up an appointment log on to and click the online scheduler link on the top of the screen, then choose your location (Fontana), choose your telephone office hour date and time, then enter your personal information including phone number you wish to be contacted at. An assessor will call you within 15 minutes of your scheduled timeslot. If you do not have internet access, please call Accurate Appraisal at 1-800-770-3927 to schedule a telephone appointment.

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Leaf Pick-Up

The Village operates a leaf removal truck in the Spring and Fall. Property owners should pile leaves within 10 feet of the street (but off the pavement) to have them picked up. Placement of leaves within the roadway is against village ordinance and may be subject to a fine. Leaf piles shall be free of any foreign materials (stones, brush, foreign plant material, grass clippings, etc.) The presence of such materials will prevent pickup.

Do not place yard waste in your ordinary garbage. Residents are encouraged to compost their grass clippings and leaves. As an alternative, you may take your yard waste to the Village compost site located at the Duck Pond Recreation Area. Please follow the signs and instructions when you arrive at the Duck Pond Collection Site. Duck Pond site hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm, and Saturday from 8:00 am to noon.

Curb-side leaf vacuum and brush collection services usually start the first week in April and end late November early December following the first snowfall. Leaf vacuum services are not offered in the summer months.

If you have questions or need more information, contact Village Hall by phone at (262) 275-6136 or e-mail:

Curb-Side Chipping

The Village provides curb-side chipping services the months of April-October.  Brush pick-up will be the first and third week of the month and will be picked up between Monday and Wednesday of that week. If a brush pile is determined to be too cumbersome to efficiently run through the chipper, the pile may be hauled away at a cost of $50 per load.

Contractor Services

With the exception of leaf removal, all contractor services must include the removal of all debris and yard waste generated as a part of their work. The Village will not be responsible for removing any contractor generated material (with the exception of leaves) from the curb. There will be no contractor generated waste allowed at the Village of Fontana Compost Facility, or the Yard Waste Collection Site. Any contractor identified as utilizing the compost area or the Yard Waste Collection Site shall be subject to a $1,000 fine.

Pay Station Parking

Pay Station parking is in effect from April 15 through October 15, seven days per week from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. The pay station charge is $2.00 per hour, Monday - Thursday and $3.00 per hour, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Resident Parking Stickers

If your vehicle has a valid Village parking sticker there is no charge for parking in metered spaces. Stickers for cars are $20.00 each and can be obtained at the Village Hall. Each parcel owner is allowed to purchase up to four parking stickers per parcel. The stickers are static cling and can be moved from car to car. These stickers entitle you to park for free at any parking meter in the village.

April 1st is the deadline for yearly Dog Licenses. The licenses are available at the Fontana Village Hall, 175 Valley View Drive. All dogs older than 5 months are required to have a Village License.

Licence Fee $17.00 $35.00
Added Late Fee if Paid After April 1st $5.00 $5.00


In an effort to help abate the pollution problem created by the large flocks of geese and seagulls that gather on the beach during the fall, the Village of Fontana encourages residents to walk their dogs on the municipal beach from October 15 through March 31.

The Village Board amended the Municipal Code several years ago to allow for people to walk dogs on the beach after the summer season has ended. During the summer season, dogs are only allowed at the Duck Pond Recreation Area “dog track” area.

With Wisconsin's new electronic recycling legislation, it is illegal to dispose of electronic equipment in the garbage. The electronic items listed below were banned from disposal in Wisconsin landfills or incinerators on September 1, 2010. The bans apply to household residents, businesses, institutions, municipal governments, etc.

  • Consumer computers
  • Computer peripherals
  • Televisions and other video display devices
  • Fax machines
  • DVD, VCR and other video players
  • Consumer printers
  • Phones with video displays (cellular telephones)

Walworth County is no longer sponsoring its annual Computer Round-Up Program since the new legislation shifts the e-waste recycling burden from local units of government to manufacturers. The only requirement for local units of government is to provide their residents information about e-waste collection events or opportunities, and the reasons this material should be recycled.

Please take your electronic waste to one of the following Walworth County recycling locations:

Company Address City, State Phone Web Site
Best Buy 700 N Edwards Blvd Lake Geneva, WI 888-237-8289
Cartridge World 1741 E. Geneva Street Delavan, WI 262-728-8570
Electronic Recycling W9390 Hwy 59 Whitewater, WI 262-472-0446
Goodwill 1402 E. Geneva Street Delavan, WI 262-728-5668
Southern Lakes Recycle 220 S Broad Street Elkhorn, WI 262-723-5022

Ink Toner Option: Quill's ink and toner recycling program at free shipping labels that are used to mail the used cartridges in.

Monday and Tuesday are our weekly pick-up days for garbage and recycling.  The Map shows each route and the List will show the streets in alphabetical order.  Have your garbage and recycling to the street by 6:00 AM on the day of pick-up, but no earlier than the evening before pick-up day.

Beginning January 6, 2020 your recycling will now be picked up on the same day as your garbage. See map and list above for assigned pickup date. 

Garbage should be containerized in 20-35 gallon metal or similarly approved sturdy containers. No container shall weigh more than 60 pounds when loaded. Containers shall be removed from the street the same day after pick-up. If you have questions or have a large item pick up, please call John's Disposal at (888) 473-4701. (Do not place yard waste with your regular garbage or recycling.)

All recyclable materials should be combined and placed in clear plastic or blue bags. Blue bags can be purchased at most grocery or hardware stores. Containers with lids may also be used for recycling material instead of clear plastic or blue bags. However, please note if using a container it must be clearly marked "Recycling", have a lid and items should not be bagged just placed loose in the container.  Containers shall be removed from the street the same day after pick-up. If you have questions or need more information, contact John's Disposal at (888) 473-4701 or send an email to:

All recyclable glass, plastic bottles, paper, and cardboard (broken down) can be mixed. Johns Disposal Service has equipment that mechanically separates paper from bottles and cans. There is no need to tie your paper.

Recyclable Material - Place In Blue Bag
Aluminum Cans Glass Bottles/Jars All Paper
Tin Cans #1-7 Plastic Bottles/Jugs Cardboard/Boxes must be broken down
Aerosol Cans Newspaper Brown Paper Bags
Dried Out Paint Cans Magazines Shredded Paper
Non-Recyclable Material - Do Not Place In Blue Bags
Plastic Bags Deli Containers Yard Waste
Toys PolyStyrene (Styrofoam) Trash
Household Hazardous Waste
The Village of Fontana Department of Public Works is offering double-ground compost, wood chips and ground leaves that can be picked up or delivered while supplies last. Residents may pick up product at the Duck Pond Recreation Area or have it delivered for a fee of $50 per load. Non-residents, who live within 5 miles of the Village, may have product delivered for $75 per load. Due to rising fuel costs a loading fee has been added for those who have a Village employee load their trailer or vehicle at the Duck Pond site.
Wood Chips No Charge $5.00
Double Ground Mulch $20.00 $25.00
Double Ground Leaves $20.00 $25.00
Delivery $50.00/Load $75.00/Load
Loading Fee $20.00/Load $30.00/Load
For more information, call the Village Hall at (262) 275-6136, or stop in during open hours from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm weekdays, and 10:00 am to noon on Saturdays.

DNR Invasive Species Information

Photos of Regulated Invasive Species

Garlic mustard should be pulled from yards and gardens. Pulled garlic mustard plants should be separated from other yard waste and taken to the Duck Pond area, or they should be placed and sealed in plastic bags and put out with the garbage for collection by Keizer and Sons. If the garlic mustard is put out with the garbage, it must be in bags that are clearly marked and sealed.

The Village of Fontana Park Commission has supplied the following tree planting and mulching recommendations. The newest recommendations for planting trees are the result of observations by horticulturists.

They have found that most tree roots are in the top 12 to 18 inches of soil and they spread outward from the tree as far or greater than the tree is tall. Taking this into consideration, new recommendations involve digging a broad planting “saucer” instead of a deep planting hole. This planting saucer is three times or more the diameter of the root ball. The depth of the saucer is only as deep as the root ball and the sides are sloped at a 30 degree angle.

Some even recommend a saucer that’s only 1-foot deep with a depression in the center to accommodate the tree’s root ball. This depression allows the root ball to be planted at grade and gives the plant stability, eliminating the need for staking. These new planting recommendations also include cutting away all wire, burlap, and other materials surrounding the root ball after the tree is set in place and positioned. Trees are thriving where these new planting procedures are being used.

Your full property tax bill or the minimum first half may be paid by mail or in person at the Village Hall, 175 Valley View Drive, Fontana, WI 53125, through January 31st. If you have questions about the payment due by January 31st, please call the Village Hall at (262) 275-6136.

You may also pay your full property tax bill or the minimum first half on-line through This only applies to the first installment. If you choose to make two installments the second half must be paid to the following address.

The second installment is due and payable by July 31st to the Walworth County Treasurer's Office, 100 W. Walworth Street, Elkhorn, Wisconsin. If you have questions, please contact the Walworth County Treasurer at (262) 741-4251.

Voter registration is conducted at the Village Hall any time during the year and on the day of the election. In order to register in the Village of Fontana, you must be at least 18 years of age, a citizen of the United States and must have resided in the Village for a minimum of 10 consecutive days. One valid form of identification is required and must show your legal name and your Fontana address.

Minimum Residential Water & Sewer Bill $95.78

If you use any water or sewer the charges below apply.

RESIDENTIAL SERVICE-5/8" or 3/4" Meter QUARTERLY CHARGE- (whether you use the service or not) GALLONS USED (per 1,000 Gallons)
Water Charge $34.50 $7.09
Sewer Charge $61.28 $7.07
Sewer Only (no water) $172.69 NA

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the Village Hall at (262) 275-6136.

Automatic Withdrawal Payment Plan

The Village of Fontana offers a plan that authorizes quarterly water/sewer bill payments to be deducted from a savings or checking account. Click here for an application and further details.

Payments On-Line

You may also pay your Water/Sewer Bill, Taxes, or other fees on-line through

What does it cost to flush the toilet...

Find out the water & sewer costs are every time you flush the toilet, wash a load of laundry, or take a 10 minute shower.

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